Whitening Your Butt


Even though anal bleaching was once associated with celebrities, strippers and porn stars, these days, it would seem that ordinary people have caught up with the trend as well. Despite the fact that anal bleaching has become a standard service offered by many beauty salons, and that there are a plethora of bleaching products on the market, there are still many of those who are unfamiliar with this topic. Most of them don’t know what anal bleaching is and how it can help someone. To clear this up, we will touch upon the procedure itself and reasons you should whiten your butt. You can also go to analbleachadvice.com to learn more.

What is it?

In general, anal bleaching is broadly accepted as a cosmetic procedure. Simply put, this procedure revolves around using specific products which are extremely effective at lightening dark skin areas. As times goes by, the anal area becomes increasingly darker, due to various reasons, which include the intake of dark foods and the staining caused by bilirubin. As a result, the anal area and the skin around it can become much darker than the surrounding skin, which can cause great discomfort and lead to various infections. Therefore, if you want your anal area to match the coloring of your surrounding skin, anal bleaching is the way to go.

An effective procedure

jdjhfd75It is no secret that some people still view anal bleaching and the topic of anal discoloration somewhat controversial. However, those, who have undergone this procedure, will confirm that it has significantly improved their self-esteem and confidence. Also, many will say that it has helped them improve their hygiene and health as well. This especially holds true in the case of those who have bad eating habits and poor wiping habits, as well as those who excessively drink soda and coffee.

Similar to teeth whitening

With all this mind, it is not that difficult to compare anal bleaching procedure to the teeth whitening one. The major difference is, of course, in the area affected and the compound of the bleach. The most common anal bleaching products contain peroxide-based gels. In addition, some of them rely on artificial chemical substances like hydroquinone, while others contain 100% natural ingredients.

Cosmetic beauty treatments

In most cases, anal discoloration is genetic. Some people tend to have more pigmented body areas than others. For example, some people may have dark colored labia and nipples, while others light. But, when it comes to skin discoloration, it is important to mention that, in most cases, it is inevitable. As we age, certain body areas, like the genitals or the anus, start gathering more pigment than others. As a result, many people start feeling unattractive and old.


With the help of an anal bleaching procedure, you can alter the skin in these areas, prevent the excessive production of melanin, and make your private areas look fresh and youthful once again. When it comes to the procedure itself, you can go with using over-the-counter bleaching products or visit a beauty salon and have a professional perform the procedure.

DIY vs. visiting a salon

If you decide to do it on your own, make sure to use a product that contains only 100% natural ingredients and follow all the directions and guidelines as to how to use it. If you decide to visit a salon, keep in mind that it will cost you more, but that it will also take much less time to whiten your butt.