How to Eliminate Acne and Make Your Skin Beautiful


We are all concerned with how we appear in front of other people. One of the organs that define our beauty and the general appearance is skin. Being the largest body organ, the skin is exposed to a lot of things. In fact, the common situation that most of us have experienced as far as the skin is concerned is the acne and pimples.

The most affected part of the skin is the face. Many of us decide to live with this skin condition because they do not know that there are countless remedies for it. In our guide, you will be able to comprehend how to eliminate acne and make your skin beautiful. Read the tips below on how to glow your skin today.

Use Lemon or Vinegar

Lemon and vinegar are the most effective home remedies for acne on your skin. Lemon and vinegar can be used simultaneously or alternatively. These two work by clearing out the clogged pores on your skin. Make sure you dab the lemon juice or vinegar to the affected spots. Ace is the formation of oil lumps beneath the skin. Lemon juice has an acid that dissolves the oil and gets rid of the acne.


Regular use of aspirin can do the magic too. It has been proven that using aspirin regularly can help you to get rid of pimples and regain back your beautiful smooth skin. Aspirin is in nature an anti-inflammatory drug. It has an active ingredient that is similar to salicylic acid. These ingredients can treat acne properly without any medical attention.

To acquire aspirin’s anti-acne ingredient, you need to crush a tablet and mix with water to make a paste. Rub the paste around the affected spot on your skin and leave in to dry. After sometime rinse it off with lukewarm water. After rinsing with lukewarm water, use a clean towel to dry your skin.

Milk of Magnesia

Another trick of doing away with acne is by the use of milk of magnesia mask. Milk of magnesia is used to treat an upset stomach. Milk of magnesia can do the same magic it does to constipation to your face. You can dab and make a mask on the affected spots. Leave it to dry and use warm water to rinse. Milk of magnesia deals with acne by absorbing the oils beneath the skin.

Honey for Pimples

Honey is another natural remedy for skin acne. It is used by many because it is easy and effective. You are only required to apply honey on the acne spot and cover using a band-aid. Honey contains healing enzymes that kill any bacteria and toxins they come across. The enzymes can also help in the reduction of inflammation and miniaturization of the skin. Therefore, it will get rid of the acne and leave your skin moist.…

The ultimate benefits of an epilator


Epilator is an electric , hand –held device that is used for removal of unwanted hair very effectively.It can remove hair directly from the roots which are more better as compared to other hair cutting machines like the shaver.The following are some of the great benefits you stand to get as a result of using this device.

Its result is long-lasting

Using the best epilator is a good method to remove hair that will take a very long time to grow again.This is because this machine plucks hair deep from the roots.Using it for just one session will leave you with a smooth skin which is completely free from hair for about one month or longer as opposed to waxing and shaving where hair grows back after some few days.Even after the growing back of the hair, the skin remain smooth as a result of epilating.

Removes even the most tiny hairs

hairsThis is one of the greatest advantages of using epilator over the other hair removal methods since it can remove even the very short hair of about 0.5 millimeters.This is opposed to other methods where you have to wait for hair to grow up to a certain length for you to remove them. Therefore, in case you are tired of waiting for hair to grow first for you to remove them, epilator is the best hair remover you should consider using so that you remove hair at any time.

It is usable on any part of the body

Epilators gives the benefit of using it on any part of the body.When using it , you do not have to get various of them to use in different parts of the body since they have been modeled with several attachments to give you the great results.It can be used on the legs,arms,chest, the bikini area and even the underarms.

It is a convenience

Epilators are very convenience since one can use them very comfortably at any time.It is very convenience since you can carry it in case you are traveling for vacation of several days and just use it at your accommodation room apart from paying for the same service at the salon.

Good for people having sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin, be not worried in case you want to use epilators.This is because epilators work best in removing hair but don’t pull the skin hence reduce the causes of various complications on the skin.But for those new people to epilators, they have the option of using epilators designed for bath usage.

It helps in saving money

saving moneyEpilating is less costly as compared to other methods such as shaving or waxing.This is because you buy an epilator at just one time but in other methods, you have to buy them again and again together with other necessities.For example, shaving will require you to buy both razor or shaver together with shaving cream or gel.Waxing also involves the need for a complete wax kit having all the necessities of waxing, and this leads to an extra expenditure as opposed to using epilators.…