When And Where To Wear A Kebaya Dressing

white Kebaya Dress

Kebaya is traditional clothing worn by women in Indonesian, Singapore, Southern Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Brunei, and Malaysia inspired by Arab region dress. The clothing is made of sheer materials such as thin cotton, silk, semi-transparent polyester or nylon which is beautifully adorned with floral pattern embroidery and brocade. Typically a kebaya is worn as a socket or ikat with a colorful motif. Kebaya is the national costume in Indonesia.

When and Where To Wear a Kebaya Dress

Ladies outfits

Kebaya is an important part of an oriental style that has influenced the world. Designers have even tried to modify the design of the clothing to make it more fashionable. The modern design of kebaya features versatile styles and can be worn by teenagers and young women. Young ladies can wear the short sleeves kebaya or the v neck style.

Kebaya Dress

Ceremonial dressing

Whether you are attending a graduation, cocktail party, prom or a formal occasion, kebaya features brilliant styles to suit any occasion. Kebaya has also been made in the form of a simple dress as well as a suit. You can wear the long dress version of kebaya when attending a wedding. One of the best ways to wear a Kebaya is to pair it with a pair of jeans. The contrast of a light top and a thick material bottom makes an authentic casual wear.

You can also wear a kebaya with skirts.

Designers have enhanced the look of kebaya by making it using beautiful fabrics including lace making it a great clothing to wear to a wedding. Currently, developers have tried to make the clothing modern by incorporating zippers, buttons and clasps giving the cloth that classic look of current style. The incorporation of these innovations makes it easy for a woman to use a bathroom allowing you wear a kebaya to any place comfortably. You will not need to unwrap the entire clothing when using a bathroom

You can also wear a kebaya to work.

Female Garuda Indonesia flight attendants usually wear a modern interpretation of the Kebaya. The clothing is simple and stylish, and you easily wear it beautifully while working. Kebaya comes in two forms a blouse referred to as baju kebaya and Sunda kebaya. The shirt is light and semi-transparent hence can be paired with a more solid bottom.

group wearing Kebaya Dress

You can wear a kebaya during national holidays.

Traditionally a kebaya represented nationalism. Indonesian female prisoners preferred to wear a kebaya rather than western clothing to display their racial solidarity and patriotism. The blouse and pantsuit kebaya is most appropriate for working or any other occasion.…