How To Choose The Best Polo Equipment

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The right polo equipment will enable you to have a comfortable and smooth playing experience. It is, therefore, imperative to choose suitable playing equipment. The first step is to consult a trained polo profession. Factors such as physical characteristic including your height, weight, body type, gender glove size, playing experience, your budget, the number of mallets you can break in one year, the presence of any handicap and aspirations will determine the type of polo equipment that is right for you. This brief overview looks into how to choose the right polo equipment.

Choosing the Best Polo Equipment

Stability of Saddleshorse riding

Stability of equipment when it comes to polo is crucial. A good saddle should be stable. Choose a saddle with a wooden frame that is reinforced with steel and has extra padding for comfort. The saddle pads should be made of soft material such as rubber for comfortable riding. Saddles with safety release systems, square seat, and slightly large saddle flaps will ensure maximum comfort and stability as you can remain in a firm position.

Perfect Balance of Mallet

The size and weight of a mallet will determine its balance. For young children and inexperienced players a light stick is preferable. As you get used to the game, you can increase the length and weight of the stick.


Your polo gear should come with knee pads and polo boots to help protect you as you are playing. Choose high-quality boots made of beautiful leather fro best protection and extra comfort.


It is vital to choose polo equipment that is made of high-quality material for maximum durability. Select polo equipment made of Argentinian leather which is resilient and hard-wearing to ensure you will not need to buy new equipment soon. Equipment that endures even after multiple polo matches will give you value for your money.


The design of your gear will determine how comfortable you are in playing. A trouser with an over-edge ankle hem will ensure your legs are comfortable at pressure points after folding trousers into socks to wear with polo boots. Double belt loops ensure you are comfortable while playing and you do not need to keep adjusting your pants.


Quality rods provide better balance compared to standard sticks. A quality cane will have more knots giving it more stability.


The most suitable Polo fabric is Cotton since it is extremely comfortable and keeps a player cool even when the sun is hot.

Snow Polo Ball

If you intend to play polo in the snow, it is good to choose snow polo ball in crimson red which is highly visible in the bright snow.